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EXCELLENT in expertise and communication

We are super proud!

In October 2019, our office was audited by the NVM. This happens once every 3 years. The office is then vetted by specially trained auditors. Subjects are professional knowledge, communication, file creation, office attitude, business processes, website and company results.

The results were very positive!

Digimakelaars.nl scores EXCELLENT in the areas of expertise and communication. All other audit areas were in order.

The auditor's final opinion:

“The auditor is of the opinion that the NVM member visited in the context of the audit:

Meets and excels in: Communication & Expertise

Motivation for the opinion:

This office meets and excels in the areas of communication and expertise. Communication with clients and buyers is transparent, traceable and is excellently recorded.

In addition, the auditee has proven during the audit to provide an absolutely NVM-worthy professional brokerage service in an expert manner, well thought-out.

It is true that partial services, which during the study hardly differed from excellently scoring full-service offices.”

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The mission of Digimakelaars.nl

Digimakelaars.nl aims to connect buyers and sellers of real estate in a modern and pleasant way for a fair fee. With personal attention to everyone's needs and wishes.

Digimakelaars.nl is an NVM quality broker with an interest in the people we work for. We make sure that the sales process is as easy as possible.

We realize our mission by doing what makes the customer journey personal, smooth, fast, secure and safe.

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Core values and qualities Digimakelaars.nl

The core values of Digimakelaars.nl are

  • Transparent – open and honest
  • Quality – competent and genuine
  • Accessible – accessible and fun
  • Secure – trusted and safe

The core qualities of Digimakelaars.nl are

  • Personal – authentic tailor-made advice
  • Involved – interested informed
  • Adequate – fitting to vow

The Digimakelaars.nl team

digimakelaars Theo Heus

Theo Heus

Registered broker - Registered appraiser - member NVM

digimakelaars Guido Gabriëls

Guido Gabriëls

Registered broker - Registered appraiser - member NVM

Digimakelaars Jolanda Seeger

Jolanda Seeger


digimakelaars Mirjam Evers

Chantal van Herpen

Marketing and communication